Experienced In-House Counsel

Our model is designed for the needs of small to mid-size businesses

house calls

  • All businesses regardless of size need legal counseling from time-to-time, but small/mid-size business owners and managers do not have the time to visit a lawyer's office about frequent and routine legal issues.  The result, they attempt to self-navigate which wastes time, energy, and most of all exposes them to risk.

  • Concord Law will save you time by making house calls at your office to discuss, assess, and counsel on routine legal concerns for your business.*

recurring visits

  • Those frequent and routine legal issues can lead to bigger and more complex problems if not addressed on a regular basis.  Many problems can also be avoided by planning and preparing.  A lawyer should know and understand your business to provide the most effective legal counseling possible.
  • Concord Law will make recurring visits on fixed days and times so your business receives consistent legal services ´╗┐addressing matters with all levels of complexity and urgency.  In turn, Concord Law gets to know your business and your people, and you get to know us.


  • Lawyers charge Hundreds of dollars per hour with monthly billing cycles that result in huge invoices for small businesses with tight cash flows.
  • With cost-conscious rates, discounts, and a pay-per-visit option, Concord Law makes legal services more accessible, affordable, and manageable by eliminating those large monthly bills.

Call now to have your own in-house counsel on a recurring fixed day and time to discuss, assess, and counsel on legal concerns for your business.

Call 484-202-6992 or contact us online to schedule.

*Other than collection actions attempting to recover an outstanding debt, Concord Law does not provide legal representation in lawsuits or provide litigation services.  Any matter requiring representation in a formally filed legal proceeding will be referred to litigation attorneys of Client's choice.

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